A developers sketchbook

On my desk at work sits a sketchbook and I use it every day.

I’ve been using sketchbooks for a some time now and they’ve become a beneficial part of my workflow.

Now, I use it for a variety of different things but there are a few that feature heavily within them.

To-do lists

To-do lists are pretty much on every page of my sketchbook. I write lists upon lists of to-dos for the day, crossing things off and adding to them constantly and as sad as it may sound its one of the most enjoyable things I do.

Tasks can come in a variety of forms, via emails, phone calls, tasks managers and the like, and handling them across multiple platforms can be a hassle. Having my to-dos listed in my sketchbook, makes it easier to manage them.

Knowing everything I need to do is written down in front of me helps clear my mind. I don’t have to try and remember everything in my head giving me the freedom to focus on the task at hand.

As an added bonus, the physical act of crossing things off when they’re done feels nice too.

Sketches of complex things

To put it plainly I write code and this visual interactive thing comes out in the end. It’s quite a leap!

So when tackling anything complex, like intricate user interfaces or expansive site architectures, I find it handy to sketch things out and break them apart into their individual elements.

This gives me a chance to explore and plan ahead before touching any code, avoiding any hacky solutions or overcomplicated builds.


Expressing my creative soul by turning coffee rings into smiley faces and death stars.

Overall sketchbooks are amazingly useful things. A space to write, sketch and doodle to your hearts content. Go get one!