Twenty Sixteen

Here are the highlights of my 2016.

Baby brother
My baby brother Benji was born on the 15th January and it’s been wonderful watching him grow up over the year.

Hit 5 Blood donations
I gave my 5th blood donation in July and have given blood 7 times to date. Next donation is booked in for March.

Best man at wedding
On a beautiful, sunny day in July, a friend and I were best men for two of our life long friends.

Moved into a new flat
My girlfriend and I moved into our new flat in November and hosted Christmas for our friends.

Posting a little more.
I’ve published 6 posts in 2016, that’s double the amount published in 2015, but not as much as I would like. We’ll see how 2017 goes.

Released PostTypes
I released PostTypes in August. Today it has 38 stars and 5 forks.

Started a million side projects
I’ve started a million side projects throughout the year. To get them finished, I plan to work through them one by one over the year.

Let’s see what happens for 2017.